Our Team



Jason is a professional speaker who combines his natural wit and storytelling ability with his experience in counseling, training and conflict resolution. He inspires audiences, both large and small, as he speaks to managing through personal and corporate growth while maintaining an intimate connection to the human components that define us and make our respective cultures special.

Jason is widely known for his work in the area of racial reconciliation based upon his experiences as a victim of cross burnings and racial harassment by the Knights of Ku Klux Klan.

Jason previously served as a Board Agent with the National Labor Relations Board where he managed private sector labor relations’ issues and worked to improve the labor petition filing process. Jason has assisted large and small businesses across multiple industries to overcome their internal employee relations struggles. He has experienced incredible success as a labor relations consultant due to his unique ability to marry his background in Labor Relations, Counseling Psychology and Organizational Development.


Angela Lewis
Public Relations

Angela Lewis is a public relations specialist. Angela is responsible for planning marketing and branding objectives for Greer Consulting, Inc. Angela oversees the creation and delivery of press releases, advertisements, and other marketing materials. In addition, Angela is a leadership coach and author of the book “The Game Changing Assist”.


John Smith
Director of Marketing

John Smith is the Director of Marketing for Greer Consulting, Inc. John has a record of success in senior-level sales and marketing capacities throughout his career. John provides leadership and day-to-day management of all sales, service and product distribution functions for Greer Consulting, Inc.