Diversity, Engagement, and Inclusion:
Our Process

At GCI, we understand your future success depends on the training and development of your in house management. Our DEI training has been voted as one of the most effective tools for proactively creating diversity management while also improving employee relations initiatives throughout the United States. Here's how it works:


The GCI Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion Assessment is specifically geared toward providing organizations an in depth understanding of their staff, from the corporate to line level employees.
The purpose of these formal and informal discussions is to gain an in depth understanding of the issues and challenges facing the employees – from their perspective.


GCI has a patented measurement tool that quantifies the progression of the Diversity, Engagement and Inclusion process. The key is to ensure that the diversity needs of the organization are being properly implemented in a manner that addresses the critical needs of the employment base while fostering a management culture of excellence.


GCI’s approach to diversity training has been described as a “complete breath of fresh air” because we expand the conversation about diversity. We inspire and challenge the audience in such a way that people walk away with a greater understanding and appreciation of our commonalities, leaving the audience with actionable steps to achieve their personal and corporate goals.